The AEAWA Community Services Team has been set up to build a community where we show care and concern for AEAWA members and their family as well as the wider Australian community.

To do this, we need your support and participation.For a start, let us know if there are members who would like to attend the Sunday lunch but are unable to turn up due to a lack of transport. We will make our best efforts to arrange for another member to provide the transport.Let us also know about elderly members who live alone and who could do with some company or assistance around the home – we will see how best we can assist.If a member or their family member has passed away, do also keep us informed so that we that we can offer our condolences and assistance.

The Team also organises bi-monthly talks on matters relevant to members. Talks are usually held after the Sunday Lunch and past topics have included : “Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advanced Health Directive” (presentation by Andrew Chelvathurai, Barrister), “Financial Counselling & how to access no/low interest rate loans”, “Customs and Border Security” (presentation by Brian Leiscester), “Speak Out About Diabetes” (presentation by Diabetes WA), “Getting to grips with Dementia” (presentation by Alzheimers Australia), “Home and Personal Security” (presentation by WA Police) and “Family Law matters” (presentation by Wilfred Doral, Barrister).

In AEAWA, our motto is “Friendship at its best”.

How far we go in making our motto solid and real depends on each one of us.If you have ideas or wish to help:-Call us on 0407 330 612 (Gary), 0400 0448 82 (Kevin), 0411 812 981 (Carol) or 0412 572 476 (Val) or drop us an email at

Take care and warmest regards

Gary Fernandez, Kevin de Souza, Carol Richards and Val Conier


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